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In Tajikistan, Farmers Own 5 Million Hectares of Land

Most in GBAO

More than five million hectares of land in Tajikistan is at the disposal of farmers. This was announced today at a press conference by the chairman of the State Committee for Land Management and Geodesy of the Republic of Tatarstan Orif Khojazoda.

Throughout the country, the number of dekhkan farms exceeded 195 thousand. The shareholders of these farms are over 796 thousand people.

“In the Sughd region, more than 990 thousand hectares, in the Khatlon region about 1.1 million hectares, in GBAO – more than 2 million hectares, in the GRRP – about 915 thousand hectares of land are distributed among farms,” Khojazoda specified.

Earlier it was noted that about 7 million hectares of land are used in agriculture in the country, of which more than 4 million hectares are pastures, and irrigated land is only 762.8 thousand hectares.

In the first half of 2023, 776 hectares of land were returned to agricultural circulation, another 2,180 hectares will enter circulation in the near future.
Orif Khojazoda at a winter press conference expressed confidence that despite the shortage of irrigated agricultural land, Tajikistan has the potential to feed at least 50 million people.

He also noted that in order for the Tajik land to become more fertile, all business entities – cooperatives, farmers, owners of household plots need to rationally use existing land resources.

According to the State Committee for Land Management and Geodesy, it is precisely because of inefficient management that many violations of land legislation are allowed.

So, this year 7803 cases of violations of land legislation were revealed. The total amount of fines for them exceeded 3.6 million somoni.

Source: Asia Plus TJ