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The Number of Monopolists in Tajikistan Has Increased by 2.5 Times in a Year and a Half

There are 248 registered economic entities in Tajikistan that occupy a dominant (monopolistic) position in a separate commodity market, the Antimonopoly Service under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan reports.

The list of such business entities at the beginning of 2022 contained about 100 enterprises.

The Service notes that the number of dominants can change at any time depending on their share in a particular market.

In accordance with the antimonopoly legislation of the country, an economic entity is recognized as dominant if it occupies at least 35% in a particular commodity market. Also, three entities are recognized as dominant if their total market share is at least 50% or five entities, whose combined share is at least 70%.

The Register of Economic Entities Dominating a Certain Commodity Market currently includes mobile operators, large cement producers and many other enterprises.

There is also a Register of 30 natural monopoly entities in Tajikistan, most of which are state-run.

That is, they are either state-owned enterprises or joint-stock companies, the full or controlling stake (more than 50% of the shares, but not the full stake) of which is held by the government.

There are five state unitary enterprises in this list: State Unitary Enterprise “Tajik Railway”, State Unitary Enterprise “Housing and Communal Services”, State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal Dushanbe”, State Unitary Enterprise “Post of Tajikistan” and State Unitary Enterprise “Khujandvodokanal”.

The vast majority of natural monopolists are various joint-stock companies with a government stake, such as Barki Tojik OJSC and its former divisions.

Source: Asia Plus TJ