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Tajikistan Increased the Number of Border Posts on the Border With Afghanistan to 100

The strategist No. 1 of Tajikistan declared.

Tajikistan’s position on the issue of recognizing the Taliban government is unchanged and stable, said strategist No. 1 of Tajikistan. This was stated by the director of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Khairiddin Usmonzoda.

After the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan and increased threats from this country, Tajikistan strengthened border control and increased the number of posts to more than 100. This was announced on August 4, during a press conference, by Tajik strategist No. 1.

Since the takeover by the Taliban in August 2021, the Tajik authorities have constantly expressed concern about the growing danger in the border areas of Tajikistan and Afghanistan and say that many terrorist groups have concentrated on the territory of the neighboring country.

It should be noted that the authorities of Tajikistan have previously reported on the construction of several new border posts and their transfer to the border with Afghanistan.

In particular, in the winter of this year, the head of the Shamsiddin Shokhin (former Shuroabad) district during a press conference said that in order to strengthen control on the border between the two countries, the border part was taken closer to the border with Afghanistan, at a distance of 12 kilometers from the Tajik-Afghan border.

Also, Tajik strategist No. 1 once again clarified the country’s position towards the Taliban and said that it has not changed, but there are economic relations.

“Given our proximity to this country, we will not stop economic cooperation. Because the support of the people of Afghanistan by Tajikistan depends, first of all, on the strengthening of economic cooperation. Tajikistan has placed all its transport corridors at the disposal of neighboring countries and international organizations that can provide humanitarian assistance to this country. However, as regards the political attitude, the position of Tajikistan towards the Taliban is unchanged and stable,” Khayriddin Usmonzoda said.

The head of the Center for Contemporary Art once again emphasized the need for a comprehensive government in the neighboring country that respects the rights of women and girls to work and study, and added that this is the demand of almost all countries of the world from the Taliban government.

Recall that after the seizure of power in Afghanistan by the Taliban, the leadership of the Tajik state expressed its firm and uncompromising position regarding the policy of this group and noted that the only way to officially recognize them is to create an inclusive government and ensure the rights of women in Afghanistan.

However, in the past two years, reports have sometimes been published about the relationship of the Tajik authorities with representatives of the Taliban.

The authorities of Tajikistan constantly emphasize that in order to support the people of Afghanistan and provide humanitarian assistance with this country, they have only trade relations.

Source: Asia Plus TJ