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Ibrohim Doniyorzoda Removed From Interpol’s Wanted List

The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) removed from the list of persons on the international wanted list the name of 27-year-old citizen of Tajikistan Ibrohim Doniorzoda, who was detained by Hungarian law enforcement agencies six months ago for his alleged participation in the war in Syria.

Ibrohim went to Turkey with his family members in 2015 and lived with them in the city of Kocaeli. At the request of the Tajik authorities, he was detained on November 1, 2022 in Hungary while trying to travel to Turkey.

On October 17 this year, at the request of Tajikistan, Turkish authorities detained the mother and brother of Ibrohim Doniyorzoda. As the relatives of the detainees told Radio Ozodi, both mother and son, who do not want to voluntarily leave for Tajikistan, are now awaiting the decision of the Turkish court.

Ibrohim Doniyorzoda called Radio Ozodi on November 27 and reported that his lawyer in Hungary had informed him by telephone that Interpol had removed his name from the list of wanted persons.

“The lawyer sent me a copy of the Interpol decision and said that based on our application to this international organization and the evidence presented, my name was removed from the list of wanted persons. I am very glad that I no longer have anything to fear during my trips. Now, at the suggestion of the Hungarian authorities, I got a job at Samsung,” said Ibrohim Doniyorzoda.

At the same time, his data is still on the list of persons with whom the National Bank of Tajikistan has banned financial transactions on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities.

Ibrokhim hopes that after a copy of Interpol’s decision reaches the representative office of this organization in Tajikistan – the national Interpol bureau in Tajikistan – then the country’s authorities will remove his data from this list.

However, whether the position of the Tajik authorities has changed regarding Ibrokhim Doniyorzoda, his 44-year-old mother Fotima Giyosova and 19-year-old brother Mahmadullo Doniyorzod is still unclear. To date, there is no independent confirmation that members of the Doniyorzoda family were in Syria or Iraq.

Ibrokhim Doniyorzoda himself says that none of his family members have been to these countries, and that the Tajik authorities entered their data into the international police database, Interpol, without evidence.

Since 2015, this family has been living in the Turkish province of Kocaeli, adjacent to Istanbul, and has a residence permit.

From 2014 to 2017, Turkey was the main transit route for 2,000 Tajik citizens who went to fight under the ISIS flag in Iraq and Syria. The fate of many Tajik citizens is still unknown.

Source: Ozodi