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Gallup Recognized Tajikistan as the Safest Country in the World

Tajikistan took first place in the Global Law and Order Reports 2023, which is annually prepared by the American public opinion research institute Gallup (Gallup Institute).

The Central Asian Republic with a score of 96 points was ahead of countries such as Finland, Iceland, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Norway, Vietnam, which scored 92 points each, as well as Switzerland – 91 points.

This report’s ranking is determined by a composite score based on questions asked by the Gallup World Poll to residents of 144 countries aged 15 years and older. Specifically, they were asked whether they had confidence in local law enforcement, whether they felt safe in their area, and whether they had been victims of theft or assault in the past year.

“In most developed countries and areas with a strong rule of law, the vast majority of residents report feeling safe walking alone in their areas at night. The same is said in countries where the population is under stricter state control. For example, in 2022, this was stated almost universally in countries such as Kuwait (96%), Singapore (95%), Tajikistan (93%), the United Arab Emirates (91%) and Saudi Arabia (90%),” note the compilers of Global Law and Order Reports.
Uzbekistan was in the group of countries that scored 90 points, along with Denmark, Indonesia, Kosovo and Slovenia. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan scored 81 points each, as did Turkey, as well as a number of other countries. Turkmenistan is not included in the ranking.

Afghanistan scored 76 points, the same as Russia and Palestine.
The last places in the ranking were taken by Sierra Leone (57 points), Gambia (56) and Liberia (49).

Liberia’s low score is largely due to the high percentage of residents who were victims of crime in 2022 and the public’s lack of faith in the police. A majority of Liberians (53%) said they or other family members had money or property stolen in the past year. Less than half of those surveyed in this country (45%) expressed trust in the local police.

ℹ️ Previously, Turkmenistan was recognized as the safest country for women in Central Asia – according to the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS) and the Norwegian Peace Research Institute (PRIO), which published the report “Women Peace and Security Index” Index, WPS Index) for 2023.

Source: Fergana Agency