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Fruit export increased in Tajikistan

In one of the districts of republican subordination, the volume of agricultural production reached 163.7 million somoni.

Such data were formed for the Shakhrinav region of Tajikistan.

This is reported by “Khovar” with reference to the executive authorities of the district.

It is specified that, compared to the same period last year, the indicator increased by 23.4 million somoni.

Ruziboy Mukimov, head of the department of agriculture of the district, specified that the farmers of the region sowed more than 3.4 thousand hectares with autumn grains and 195 hectares with early onions.

Cereals, potatoes, flax, saffron, peas and various vegetables were planted on an area of 4.1 thousand hectares.

This year, under favorable weather conditions, the farmers of the Shakhrinav region received a bountiful harvest.

Thanks to good weather conditions, farmers have already harvested a rich harvest:

7.7 thousand tons of grain;
4.7 thousand tons of potatoes;
2.8 thousand tons of various fruits;
21.5 thousand tons of vegetables;
2 thousand tons of animal feed.

For six months of 2023, 31.1 tons of cherries, 34.2 tons of peach and 267.4 tons of plums were exported abroad.

Also, agricultural producers of the Shahrinav region sent cherries, strawberries, potatoes, onions and cucumbers to the markets of the republic, in particular to Dushanbe.

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Currently, re-sowing of agricultural crops continues in the region.

Source: Sputnik