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CoES Warns: Precipitation and Lower Temperatures Are Expected, Be Careful!

The Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, with reference to the Agency for Hydrometeorology of the country, informs citizens that on November 8-9, 2023, unfavorable weather conditions are expected in the republic, it will rain (at an altitude of more than 2000 meters, the rain will turn into snow), in areas of republican subordination, in the Sughd and Khatlon regions there will be intense precipitation.

On November 8-10, 2023, in the valleys and mountainous areas of republican subordination and the Sughd region, the risk of local mudflows increases. Rains will provoke an increase in water levels in the rivers Yohsu, Kyzylsu (southern) and rivers flowing from the southern slopes of the Gissar ridge.

In this regard, in order to prevent accidents, the CoES asks citizens these days to limit their movement unless absolutely necessary on mountain roads, refrain from carrying out agricultural work, grazing livestock, collecting firewood and hunting in mountainous areas, and also strictly observe fire safety rules when using heaters, ovens.

Also, during cold weather, the Committee recommends that the population observe the following rules:

· If you have a private house and an independent heating system (gas cylinders, stove, etc.), you should create a fuel reserve. When warned of the possibility of extreme cold, turn off and bleed your water supply and heating system to prevent pipe failure.

· Provide reliable thermal insulation in the rooms so that it serves as a refuge for the family during cold weather. Turn on independent heating systems before the temperature in your home drops. Do not use homemade electrical and water heating devices to avoid fires!

· In strong winds, do not stand under large trees, billboards, dilapidated buildings, or power lines!

· Dress appropriately for the weather, pay special attention to children and the elderly.

· To avoid the spread of seasonal infectious diseases on public transport, wear masks and wash and sanitize your hands frequently.

· Ensure that livestock are safe and have an adequate supply of feed and water.

We recommend the following to owners of personal vehicles:

Equip your car with the necessary items in case of using mountain roads these days – a shovel, an ax, firewood, snow chains, flashlights, sleeping bags, a supply of food, a car charger for mobile phones, etc. Check the tire tread wear level and replace them with winter ones.
If your car is malfunctioning or stuck:

– stay inside until help arrives, ventilate the car interior using the vent turned in the direction opposite to the wind and act in the same way as during snow storms. Make sure there are no victims near you and provide them with assistance.

In case of emergencies or any accidents, citizens can contact the operational duty officers of the CoES:

– Responsible duty officer of Committee-112, 221-91-19, 223-13-11

– Responsible duty officer of the city of Dushanbe – 225-44-62, 225-44-76

– Responsible duty officer of GBAO – code 3522 tel: 24057, 22744

– Responsible duty officer for Sughd regional code 3422 tel: 51555, 57995

– Responsible duty officer for Khatlon region – code 3222 tel: 23505, 27827

– Responsible duty officer for the Kulyab zone of districts – code 3322 tel: 21656, 21657

– Responsible duty officer for the Rasht zone of districts – code 3131 tel: 22374

– Responsible duty officer for the Gissar zone of districts – code 3139 tel: 26074

CoES warns: be vigilant and careful!

Source: Avesta TJ