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Bananas and kiwi are trying to grow in Tajikistan

Experiments on growing tropical plants are being carried out in Tajikistan. Amateur gardeners are already growing kiwi and mango.

According to the gardener Iskandar Rozikov, kiwi in Tajikistan can be grown in an open field and get a harvest.

«Kiwi has a perspective in the Rasht valley and other mountainous regions of Tajikistan, as it does not need hot weather, Rozikov believes. – As for mangoes, bananas and papaya, they need greenhouses».

Following the example of Iskandar Rozikov, who grew kiwi on his farm, and has already tasted the taste of his own small crop, other enthusiasts followed.

Banana seedlings come from Uzbekistan, where they also began to experimentally cultivate bananas and papaya. The official website of the Ministry of Agriculture of this republic published a special report from Fergana, where bananas, mangoes and papaya are grown.

While the business prospect of growing bananas, kiwi, mango and papaya in Tajikistan requires a separate study of scientists and specialists, and amateur gardeners continue to experiment.

Source : Asia Plus