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Uzbekistan Almalyk Launches Unique Ferromolybdenum Manufacture

Almalyk Mining and Processing Works has successfully implemented an innovative technique to produce ferromolybdenum. This remarkable achievement involves the utilization of molybdenum-containing wastes generated during the production of molybdenum.

Ferromolybdenum, an alloy boasting a molybdenum content ranging from 50% to 70%, is the valuable output of this process. The company has initiated the manufacturing of 2 thousand kilograms of ferromolybdenum per month, with an impressive shipment of 5500 kilograms already dispatched to the esteemed Navoi Mining and Processing Works.

Almalyk aims to produce ferromolybdenum worth 170 billion soums by the year 2025. This ambitious goal reflects their commitment to further enhance their contribution to the industry.

Source: Minexforum