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The volume of trade exchange between Iran and Tajikistan amounted to 240 million dollars

According to Mehr news agency, the Tajik ambassador in Tehran referred to a five-fold increase in the volume of trade exchange with Iran in the past three years and said: The volume of exchanges between the two countries amounted to $57 million in 2022 and witnessed a growth to reach $240 million now.

Nizamuddin Zahedi said during his visit to Anzali Free Zone (in Gilan Province – north), today, Monday: Iran and Tajikistan have common cultural, historical and religious ties, which provides the basis for further cooperation, which is expanding in most cases.
He announced that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries in 2020 amounted to 57 million dollars, and said: This amount reached 240 million dollars, an increase of five times last year. During the visit of the President of Iran to Tajikistan, it was agreed that the volume of exchanges in the country will reach 500 million euros in the future.

Zahedi said: Given the capabilities of Iran and Tajikistan, good steps have been taken to strengthen relations between them.

The Ambassador of Tajikistan invited the head of the Anzali Free Zone to travel to his country to participate in the business conferences of that country.

For his part, the head of the Anzali Free Trade and Industry Zone said at this meeting: Iran and Tajikistan can have many financial, economic and cultural relations in terms of cultural and linguistic rapprochement, and these relations should be strengthened.

Akbar Niazi pointed to the advantages of the Anzali Free Zone in the ports, trade, industry and tourism sectors, and said: The exchange of goods from the ports of “Kaspin” and Anzali is easy, which constitutes an incentive for foreign merchants and businessmen.
And he explained: The free zone in Anzali is considered one of the tourist attractions in Iran due to its proximity to the sea, forests and wetlands, and many people travel from inside and outside the country to the province of Gilan and the free zone in Anzali to see these natural gifts. Niazi added: Anzali and Kaspin ports are available Anzali Industrial Cities is a good opportunity in the export and import sectors for Tajik businessmen.

He said: Anzali Free Zone has one of the largest commercial markets in the region and suggested building a dock in the port of Kaspin to export goods to Iraq and the Persian Gulf countries given that Tajikistan has no water borders.

Source: Mehr News