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The President’s Adviser Has Expressed His Support for Changing the Flag

Advisor to President Sadyr Japarov, Cholponbek Abykeev, said that he supports the initiative to change the national flag. On September 29, he wrote on his Facebook page that “the idea itself is correct and supportable.” He noted that there are those who liken the sunlight on the flag to a “sunflower” and said that “it is right to liken it to real sunlight.”

“In fact, you yourself will say that we have been like sunflowers to others for 30 years.” Only now, our country has taken a confident direction on the path of development. There are many countries in the world that have changed not only one element of their national flag, but also completely unrecognizable. “There is no need to make a tragedy out of changing the flag considering its flaws,” Abykeev wrote.

Prior to this, on September 28, the draft law on changing the flag, written by the Speaker of the Jogorku Kenesh Nurlanbek Shakiev and deputy Ulan Primov, was put up for public discussion. It states that the purpose of the document is “to improve the flag, which is one of the main state symbols of the country.”

In their opinion, the image of the north and the surrounding sun rays in the center of the flag now “creates a dilemma of imagining a sunflower or the exterior of a gray house.”

“Therefore, it is recommended to change the wave-like form of sunlight into the form of directly reflected rays of the sun,” the authors noted.

This initiative created a controversy in the community.

The national flag of Kyrgyzstan was approved by the resolution of the first parliament after the country gained independence on March 3, 1992.

On July 17, 2004, the Law “On State Symbols of the Kyrgyz Republic” was adopted, in which Article 3 and the description of the flag were included, and a color and schematic representation was attached. It says, “The national flag is made of red fabric in the shape of a rectangle with a golden sun circle in the middle, with forty rays evenly scattered in the middle, and a picture of the red north of the Kyrgyz gray house inside the sun circle.” The width of the flag is one-fifth of its length.

According to the proposed law, “The radius of the north is one sixth of the width of the flag. The outer radius of the radial circle is equal to the sum of the inner radius of the radial circle and the radius of the inner circle of the north. The inner radius of the radiant frame is equal to the sum of five and a half parts of the width of the flag and twice the distance from the center of the north” is added to the description.

Source: Azattyk