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Tajikistan’ President Unveils 24 New Border Posts Along Afghanistan Border

Imam Ali Rahman, Tajikistan’s President, opened 24 new border posts on his visit to the Khatlon province, strengthening security along the Afghanistan border.

Imomali Rahmon had previously stated that due to security threats, Tajikistan needed hundreds of security facilities along the border with Afghanistan.

On Thursday, Tajikistan’s Asia Plus news agency reported that the new security posts have been established in the districts of Lakhsh, Shamsiddin Shohin, Rushan, Ishkoshim, Murgab, and Kharugh.

Imam Ali Rahman personally ordered the construction of these new border posts, emphasizing the importance of strengthening border protection during his meeting with Tajikistan’s soldiers in the border region.

During the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan, there have been serious concerns about the proliferation of terrorist activities. The United Nations Security Council has repeatedly stated that around 20 terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda, Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISIS-K), and the TTP, are present in Afghanistan. This contrasts with the Taliban’s claims of combating terrorism and preventing Afghanistan from becoming a haven for terrorists.

In September, Tajikistan’s National Security Committee reported the elimination of three terrorists along the Afghanistan border, identified as members of the “Jamiat Ansarullah” group with intentions of launching attacks in Tajikistan.

The previous year, President Imam Ali Rahman had raised alarms about the presence of semi-militant groups and suicide bombers near the Afghanistan border, citing the training of tens of thousands of mujahideen in Afghanistan.

Source: Khaama