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Tajikistan Plans to Produce 1 Million Tons of Green Hydrogen Annually

For domestic needs and export to Central Asian countries by 2040.
By 2040, Tajikistan plans to annually produce 1 million tons of “green” hydrogen for domestic needs and export to Central Asian countries. This was reported by Reuters with reference to the Minister of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic Daler Juma.

The minister said that Tajikistan plans to have 10 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity by 2030, the agency reports.

“We are completely dependent on imported petroleum products and are developing a roadmap to produce green hydrogen,” Daler Juma told Reuters.

According to the International Energy Agency, Tajikistan’s hydro potential is approximately 4% exploited.

The minister announced the republic’s intention to produce 500 thousand tons of green hydrogen by 2030 and double this figure by 2040 thanks to “affordable competitive electricity.” He added that 75% of this volume will potentially be exported to Central Asian countries.

According to a statement from the country’s Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Daler Juma took part in the Green Energy Transition Week conference in Tokyo, Japan, earlier this week.

At the meeting they talked about the transition to green energy, from fossil fuels to clean energy, reducing emissions and developing a green economy.

According to the source, as part of his visit to Tokyo, Daler Juma also met with Vice President of the International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Imoto Sachiko.

They discussed mutually beneficial bilateral relations between Tajikistan and JICA, as well as the implementation of projects in the energy sector in the republic.

The department does not provide other details of the minister’s trip to Japan.

Source: Asia Plus TJ