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Tajikistan farmers produce fruit and vegetables to feed their nation

The President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, visited the exhibition of agricultural products in Bobojon Ghafurov district of Sughd Province who harvested close to a million tons of fruits and vegetables over the past 10 months.

During the exhibition, it became clear that during the 10 months of this year, the farmers of the region produced more than 376 thousand tons of cereals, 496 thousand tons of potatoes, 537 thousand tons of vegetables, 144 thousand tons of melons and 114 thousand tons of fruits, and as a supplier of the domestic market with agricultural products make a significant contribution to the development of the national economy.

During this period, more than 67 thousand tons of vegetables were exported from Sughd Province.

The dekhkans of the cities and districts of the region, who today have achieved significant results in all sectors of the agricultural domain, and for the comprehensive implementation of one of the strategic goals of the Government of the country – to ensure food security, used the land effectively and wisely, displayed the fruits of their labor.

During his visit to the exhibition, President Rahmon, highly appreciated the results of hard work and great labor achievements of farmers of the region, and interpreted the development of the agricultural sector as an important factor in ensuring food security.

It was reported that more than 70,000 agricultural farms in Sughd Province are engaged in cultivation and production of products, and during this year, using the advanced experience, they planted and cultivated various crops on an area of almost 280,000 hectares of land.

According to President Rahmon, “only with honest and selfless work and purposeful use of land can we achieve comprehensive implementation of one of the strategic goals of the country – ensuring food security, and in this way improve the standard of living of the people and strengthen the country’s export potential.”

Currently, the autumn harvest of agricultural products is underway in the region, and farmers are satisfied with the abundance of carrots, pumpkins, turnips, cabbage, beets, eggplants, peppers, corn, soybeans, and chickpeas, which are the result of repeated sowing. At the same time, forestry products, fruit and vegetable processing plants, and dry fruit packing plants were presented at this exhibition.

President Emomali Rahmon upon familiarization with the achievements of farmers gave specific instructions and orders to officials in terms of more targeted use of water and land, establishment of new workshops and enterprises for the processing and packaging of agricultural products, medicinal herbs, increasing the area of greenhouses, building cold stores, boosting the export capacity of the region, timely harvesting of crops in the fields and raising the amount of product stock in cold stores and warehouses.

Source: Freshplaza