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Sberbank Still Managed to Set Up Transfers to Kazakhstan Using the Card Number

Through this service you can top up Kazakhstani Visa and MasterCard cards from Russia
Sberbank managed to establish transfers to Kazakhstan to cards of international payment systems (IPS) Visa and MasterCard, Frank Media correspondents were convinced on Saturday, September 30. In particular, through the Sberbank Online (SBOL) application, it was possible to transfer funds to the MPS cards of Kazakhstan’s ForteBank and CenterCredit Bank (BCC).

At the beginning of September, Frank Media was told by the credit institution’s support service that a service for transferring money to banks in Kazakhstan using a card number has become available to Sberbank clients. Transfers can be made “even to Visa and MasterCard cards,” the bank noted at the time. This information was then confirmed on the credit institution’s website: “Due to restrictions from the Visa and MasterCard payment systems, transfers to Visa and MasterCard cards are available only to Kazakhstan.”

However, the very next day after information appeared about the launch of transfers to Kazakhstani Visa and MasterCard cards, this service stopped working at Sberbank, and funds transferred through it began to be returned to clients. After some time, from the Sberbank website, from the list of countries and payment systems available for transfer to SBOL, information disappeared that it was possible to transfer funds to Kazakhstan to MPS cards (of the options, the possibility of transfer only to Kazakh Mir cards was indicated).

However, the option of transferring to Kazakhstan remains in the application and on the website. The commission is 1% of the transfer amount with a minimum of 30 rubles and a maximum of 1,500 rubles. The maximum transfer amount is 300,000 rubles, the transfer period is from 1 minute to 1 business day. Money on Kazakh cards is credited in tenge, on Saturday the transfer in rubles was carried out at an approximate rate of 4.4 tenge per 1 ruble (on the Moscow Exchange and the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange at the close of trading on Friday, the ruble was almost 4.9 tenge).

Frank Media sent a request to Sberbank, ForteBank and BCC.

Source: Frank Media