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‘No Monopoly’ on Govt Jobs in Afghanistan

The acting minister of communications and information technology, Najibullah Haqqani, disputed claims that the government has a monopoly, saying that nearly 800,000 people, including former employees of the previous administration, are working in the current government.

Addressing a Religious-Scientific Seminar for Lecturers of Central Private Universities, Haqqani said that one of the factors contributing to the nation’s current crisis is the gap between universities and madrasas (religious schools), and he called for a solution to this issue.

“If we look at the current situation in this government, some say it’s monopoly, some say it’s weak, and some say it’s one-sided, but we have around 800,000 people in the government,” Haqqani added.

The Acting Minister of Higher Education, Neda Mohammad Nadim, during the seminar said there is no dictatorship under the current government and that everyone has the right to assert their rights.

“In our system, there is neither a dictatorship nor arbitrary rule, and it is not that everything is implemented by force. Every Muslim can defend his or her right if it is related to the commander, minister, or governor,” Nadim said.

The Acting Minister of Higher Education asked the former government officials to return to the country.

“Return to your country and proudly live with Afghans, and with your people. Your house and land are protected,” Nadim noted.

“Such seminars should continue. This seminar had positive effects in promoting unity among academic institutions and people,” said Abdul Rasheed Iqbal, chancellor of Polytechnic University.

Officials of the current government said during the seminar that the Islamic Emirate is committed to the nation’s growth and that by holding such seminars, the gap between the university and the madrasa will be removed.

Source : Tolonews