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More Than 3,000 Geographical Objects Have Been Renamed in Tajikistan From Foreign Languages Into Tajik

Murgab district of GBAO became the champion in renaming places

The government of Tajikistan has approved the renaming of about 3.5 thousand geographical objects in the country: they have now all acquired Tajik names. Among them is the Fedchenko glacier, the largest in the Pamirs. Now its name is Vanjiakh.

Fedchenko’s name has been removed from the map of Tajikistan
According to the annex to the resolution, 165 glaciers in Tajikistan will now be called differently. Of these, 83 are located on the territory of the Murghab region, 27 – in the Lakhsh region and 20 – in the Vanj region.

The glacier, named after the Russian scientist Alexei Fedchenko, has been given the name Vanjiakh.

The glacier of the OGPU (United State Political Administration of the USSR) was renamed the glacier of the National Flag of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The glacier, named after the Soviet party leader Sergo Ordzhonikidze, was named Spitamen, the glacier of Marshal Alexander Vasilevsky was named after the Tajik poet Mirzo Tursunzade, the glacier of Moscow State University became the glacier of the Tajik State Pedagogical University named after Sadriddin Aini.

Part of the glaciers will bear the names of Tajik scientists – Aburaihon Beruni (Geophysical glacier), Rauf Barot (Krasin glacier), Nodir Odil (Dolzhenko glacier).

The Kalinin glacier changed its name to the Kaikovus glacier in honor of the legendary Iranian king and hero Shahnameh.

The names of the sons of the Tajik people Nusratullo Makhsum (Dzerzhinsky glacier), Sayidoi Nasafi (Volodarsky glacier), Kandila Juraev (Nalivkin glacier), Azalsho Olimov (Grum-Grzhimailo glacier), Mirsaid Mirshakar (Vitkovsky glacier), as well as the famous Russian orientalist are immortalized in the names of the glaciers. Vasily Bartold (glacier Communist Academy).

Also, the name was changed to the glacier, named after the former director of the State Library named after Vladimir Lenin, Elena Rozmirovich, who participated in the expedition to the Pamirs in 1932 – now it is called the Roziya Ozod glacier.

All glaciers that had names in foreign languages have been replaced by similar names in the state language.

Zorkul became Zarrinkul
The resolution approved the new names of more than 900 rivers in Tajikistan, which were previously called either in Kyrgyz or in Uzbek. And also the distorted Tajik names of all water arteries of Tajikistan were replaced.

So, Muksu became Mugob, Sauksay – Sardobrud, Alichur changed one letter and became Alichor, Kyzyl-Su will officially be called Surkhob, and the Shirkent River – Shirkand.

In addition, 52 lakes were renamed, among them Zorkul in the Pamirs, which became known as Zarrinkul, can be noted.

Okkul in the Shugnan region – Safedkul, Shahristan Aikul will henceforth be called Mokhkul.

More than 80 ranges, 129 mountain systems, 415 individual mountains and 237 mountain passes have changed their name to a national one.
In particular, in the Pamirs Zaalaysky to the Kayumarsa ridge, Tanymas changed its name to Takhmuras, and Muzkol to Margob. In the south of Tajikistan, the Tereklitav mountain system is named after the poet and thinker Jaloliddini Balkhi. The Babatag ridge became Bobokukh.

In the Murgab region, the names of the mountains Karatash and Sarytash, respectively, began to be called Siyokhsang and Zardsang.

The names of more than a thousand passes, tracts, ruins, springs, dry channels, wells, hills, hollows, ravines, valleys, crevices, ledges and other geographical objects have been changed.

Name changes will continue.
The Murgab region of GBAO became the champion in renaming areas, on the territory of which 1005 geographical names were renamed in the Tajik way.

About two hundred such objects in Babajan Gafurov district and Penjikent have adopted new names, in Asht and Lakhsh districts – more than a hundred.

The fact that it is planned to rename a number of settlements and geographical objects in Tajikistan was reported earlier at a press conference by the chairman of the Local Development Committee Sharifjon Dzhumazoda, who argued the need for this step as follows: “Many geographical names do not meet modern requirements.”

Since November 2021, a special working group has studied more than 12.5 thousand toponyms and came to the conclusion that the names of 4 thousand 31 geographical objects and 802 settlements do not correspond to current realities.

In the near future, 170 settlements in Sughd and 342 in Khatlon regions will be renamed. In cities and districts of republican subordination, 238 localities will change their names, in GBAO – 52 localities, Jumazoda said then.

He noted that the renaming of geographical objects is an ongoing process and will continue.

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