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Kyrgyz Court Sentences Political Activist to One Year in Prison

Mirlan Uraimov, a member of the “All Kyrgyzstan” party and an activist, was sentenced to one year in prison by the verdict of the First May District Court of Bishkek today, September 11, and was arrested from the courtroom. The press service of the institution reported that he was found guilty under Article 327 of the Criminal Code (“Open calls to seize power by force”), he will have to serve his sentence in a general correctional colony, the ban on not leaving the country was changed, and he was arrested.

Lawyer Yulia Bogdanova said that the judge did not take into account the fact that two lawyers did not participate in the argument and rejected Uraimov’s request for a day to prepare for his last speech.

“The judge re-qualified his actions and changed them from Article 278 (“Mass disorder”) to Article 327 (“Open calls to take power by force”). I believe that such sentence is illegal and unjustified. This is because there is sufficient evidence that Uraimov did not publish the information on “Facebook”, says the lawyer.

The activist was arrested on February 8 this year and was detained in the pre-trial detention center of the State Committee for National Security (SNC) for two months, then on March 9 the restraining order was changed and he was released from prison.

Party members said he was detained because of his opposition political views and held demonstrations demanding his release.

In 2021, Uraimov was one of the organizers of protests against the agreement to transfer the land of the “Kempir-Abad” water reservoir on the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border to Uzbekistan.

The authorities say that there is no political persecution in Kyrgyzstan and freedom of speech is ensured.

The leader of “All Kyrgyz”, opposition politician Adakhan Madumarov has been in prison in UKMK since September 2. The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MII) informed that he was charged under the “Treason” article of the Criminal Code.
The court determined that the politician should be restrained until October 24. (RK)

Source: Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty