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Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Republic of Tajikistan Will Develop Cooperation

KRASNOYARSK REGION, /NIA-KRASNOYARSK/. The foreign trade turnover of the Krasnoyarsk Territory with the Republic of Tajikistan in 2022 increased by 40.7%.

Our region supplies the republic with wood and wood products, coal, boilers, equipment and mechanical devices. Textiles, fruits and nuts are imported from Tajikistan to the region. Interaction in the field of humanitarian, scientific and technical cooperation has also been developed. Partnerships have developed between universities in the region and Tajik educational institutions.

The development of cooperation and the expansion of economic ties were discussed the day before by the Governor of the region, Mikhail Kotyukov, and the Consul General of the Republic of Tajikistan in Novosibirsk, Nazhmiddin Imomzoda. The parties considered possible areas of mutually beneficial cooperation in terms of increasing trade turnover, attracting investments, developing tourism, and interaction in the field of education and culture.

Mikhail Kotyukov emphasized that it is important to expand the scope of interaction between the region and the republic. In particular, the tourism sector is of mutual interest. “The region has many natural attractions: the Ergaki and Stolby national parks, the Putorana plateau. This year we paved the route to the North Pole for the first time. The only way to get there today is through the territory of the region. Guests from Tajikistan will appreciate these places, and Krasnoyarsk residents will be happy to get acquainted with the republic. There are all conditions for this: a visa-free regime is in effect, direct flights have been established. I take this opportunity to invite you and your colleagues to take part in the anniversary XX Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, which will be held in April 2024. We are interested in strengthening ties and expanding cooperation with the Republic of Tajikistan,” said Mikhail Kotyukov.

Najmiddin Imomzoda noted that Tajikistan attaches great importance to the development of cooperation with the region in such sectors of the economy as agriculture, textile and mining, energy, oil and gas industries: “We consider it important to intensify cooperation between the Krasnoyarsk Territory and other regions of Tajikistan, including the Khatlon region. We propose to consider organizing business missions with the involvement of representatives of the business community of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.”

Source: 24rus News