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Kazakhstan Complies With Sanctions Against Russia

During his visit to Berlin, President Kasym-Zomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan aimed to dispel allegations that his country serves as a conduit for Western-sanctioned goods flowing into Russia. Following a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Tokayev affirmed Kazakhstan’s commitment to abiding by the sanctions imposed on Russia.

“Kazakhstan has unequivocally declared its adherence to the sanctions regime. We maintain ongoing communication with relevant organizations tasked with overseeing sanctions compliance. Any doubts on the part of Germany regarding the possibility of activities designed to circumvent the sanctions, in my opinion, are unfounded,” stated Tokayev during a press conference following the meeting with the German chancellor.

Brussels has highlighted that countries like Iran, which supply Russia with combat drones used in its conflict with Ukraine, obtain essential components from Western sources via intermediaries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, India, Vietnam, and Costa Rica.

It’s widely recognized that Russian traders extensively employ Kazakh firms, among others, for parallel imports of goods listed under sanctions.

Tokayev also emphasized in Berlin that he does not perceive Russia as a threat to Kazakhstan’s sovereignty. He underscored the established and ratified nature of their shared border, stating, “We have no concerns about territorial claims from the Russian side.” The Kazakh president referred to the economic and “humanitarian” ties between the two countries and recalled the 2013 interstate treaty on allied relations signed between Moscow and Astana.

However, eastern Kazakhstan has regions near the Russian border with a predominantly Russian-speaking population, which Russia regards as “donated.” Moscow is not pleased with the proliferation of Kazakhism in these areas.

In Berlin, Tokayev advocated for an immediate end to the war and a peace treaty based on the UN Charter. He assured that both the Russian and Ukrainian sides expressed readiness for negotiations, although the specific platform for such talks remained unclear.

In addition to bilateral discussions, Tokayev’s agenda in Germany includes a meeting with heads of state from Central Asia and Germany.

Source: Prague Monitor