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Kamchybek Tashiev calls on Tajikistan to abandon territorial claims

The head of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan, Kamchybek Tashiev, called on the authorities of Tajikistan to abandon territorial claims against Kyrgyzstan. His assistant Otkurbek Rakhmanov posted the video on social media.

He noted that the anniversary of the tragedies that occurred in Batken on September 15-16 last year was marked on Friday.

«Dozens of servicemen and civilians were killed. This was due to unresolved border issues and due to attack of the neighboring country on our state. I am the chairman of the commission on demarcation and delimitation of the state border. Until today, we have tried to resolve the issue peacefully and continue to do so. The head of state directs us to resolve issues through negotiations. But at the same time, it must be said that an act of aggression was actually committed against our state last year. In the future, we will not allow such aggression,» Kamchybek Tashiev said.

According to him, previously the neighboring republic made territorial claims against Kyrgyzstan.

We replied that there should be no claims. We recently found new documents. Thanks to them we know that many Kyrgyz lands were transferred to Tajikistan. We can substantiate this with historical and legal documents.Kamchybek Tashiev

«If the neighboring country does not give up its territorial claims, then we will also make them. We have enough strength and capabilities for this. We have the opportunity to return the lands that were transferred to the Republic of Tajikistan tens, or even hundreds of years ago,» the head of the State Committee for National Security said.

A memorial was erected in Batken city, which consists of plates with the names of 111 Kyrgyzstanis who were killed during the invasion of Kyrgyzstan. A monument to 12-year-old Madina Rakhmatzhanova, who was killed on April 29, 2021 by shell fragments, is in the center of the memorial.

On the morning of September 16, 2022, shooting began in several sections of the Kyrgyz-Tajik border. Populated areas in Leilek and Batken districts came under fire. Hundreds of Kyrgyzstanis were injured, 63 people were killed, many servicemen were among the dead. 420 houses of Batken residents were destroyed.

Source: 24KG