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In Russia, Equipment Will Rise in Price Due to Changes in Customs Rules in Kazakhstan

Imported electronics in Russia may rise in price by 10-12% due to the decision of the government of Kazakhstan to tighten customs control. Thus, the republic wants to stop attempts to circumvent anti-Russian sanctions, Kommersant writes.

Due to the tightening of control over the supply of electronics to Russia, distributors began to change countries of import to China, Kyrgyzstan and the United Arab Emirates, which increases the cost of the final product by up to 12%, according to logistics companies. Kazakhstan also supplied household appliances from Uzbekistan: these two countries were the largest importers of electronics from Samsung, LG, Bosch, Electrolux and other manufacturers. Distributors say that it becomes unprofitable to buy such equipment in the new price conditions.

Thus, due to the increase in the purchase price for imported household appliances, Holodilnik.ru has already reduced purchases of refrigerators, washing machines and built-in appliances from LG, Samsung, Bosch, Electrolux and other brands to a minimum.

 According to the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, trade with Kazakhstan increased by $2 billion in 2022, to $26 billion. Against the background of sanctions from Western companies after the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian authorities in July 2022 legalized "parallel imports" - the supply of products without the permission of the copyright holder. The volume of parallel imports, according to the Russian government, amounted to almost $22 billion in 2022.
 The fact that Kazakhstan "will not allow its jurisdiction to be used to bypass anti-Russian sanctions," Roman Vasilenko, deputy foreign minister of the republic, said in early April. According to him, since April 1, a system for monitoring imported goods to Russia has been launched in the country.

Source: Sibreal