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“Get Out – Expelled!” a Migrant From Tajikistan Talks About Police Raids in Russia and His Deportation

This summer, scandals related to migrants thundered in several cities of the Moscow region. Law enforcement officers carried out raids to check documents in mosques and prayer houses in the region during Friday prayers. At the same time, the security forces were not shy in their expressions and behaved rudely towards the parishioners. Muslims of the Moscow region even appealed to the President of Russia with a request to protect them from police brutality. In response, local residents called on Putin not to punish the security forces and stop the flow of migrants into the country. The religious administration of Muslims of the Moscow region, lawyers and even the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, intervened in the matter. All of them condemned the actions of the police. The Governor of the Moscow region Vladimir Vorobyov called on the heads of cities near Moscow to discuss the situation with migrants.

A citizen of Tajikistan turned to the editorial office of “Present Time. Asia”, he told how three weeks ago during one of these police raids in Moscow he was detained and how he tried to protect his rights. The man confirmed the selective nature of the past raids on citizens of Tajikistan, as well as the fact that fictitious administrative cases were opened against most of them. The interlocutor asked journalists not to reveal his identity, as his close relatives remain in Russia.

“[When we were detained], citizens of several countries were standing there, including citizens of Tajikistan (on that day only two were taken). They didn’t even open their passports – they just looked at the cover, what the citizens of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan were, and at first they simply returned them. They took citizens of Tajikistan, that is, two of us, they said: let’s go to the office to check documents. When they got into the car, the junior lieutenant began through the word [obscenities]: “Why *.. [why] did you come here? Go to your village to dig potatoes.” To which I did not respond, because I did not want conflict situations.

Let’s go to the department, [the lieutenant] said that I was not in the database. They made a protocol. I did not argue, I think, let me pay. I took the receipt and went to pay using the QR code. I punch through: on a piece of paper, one thing, but in the case, what I want to pay for, a completely different number comes out online. I ask the lieutenant: “Natalya, why is my number completely different?” To which she aggressively tore the [receipt] out of her hands (before that, I still managed to take a picture, I have it), she said: “That’s it, you are deported. You will go [mat] to your donkey.” That’s right, rude. They took everything to the shoelaces, brought the last, almost a terrorist, to the “monkey” as an perjurer. I sat from morning to night. I didn’t have breakfast, I didn’t have lunch, I didn’t have dinner.

I served just like that, for nothing: it seems that all the documents are there, even confirmation is there. I spent three days in prison, they said: either you sign the documents, or you go to the special detention center – you choose. That is, they give such a choice.

One of the employees turned out to be adequate, saying: “Listen, the guy is adequate, I understand your hatred, indignation, just calm down, do what they ask you, no need to argue. We just had an order from above – to draw up an administrative fine of 5 thousand for 27 thousand people. Until June 27, it was, they had to draw up. Accordingly, I just sat and thought from idleness: that is, migrants had to contribute 135 million rubles to the treasury. This is what they officially wanted, the order was carried out.

Silently signed. They say take them to court. Well, I think there is still a court in Russia that can somehow justify me. In court, they didn’t even listen to anyone: they just first called by last name that, they say, yes, indeed, such a person exists.

We, you know, like a robot or a toy, I don’t know how to call it that. Just some kind of creature, they brought it, put it in: everything – deported, went out – expelled, went out. Right there in that tone. I say: “Why didn’t they give at least the last word [to say]”? And they told me: “Sit in silence and that’s it.”

As a result, the Tajik citizen was deported from Russia.

Source: Ozodi