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Cotton Sowing Has Begun in Tajikistan: What Varieties Do Farmers Stake on?

Cotton sowing has begun in the south of Tajikistan. More than 180 thousand hectares have been allocated for it in the republic. Karina Narzikulova, correspondent of MIR 24, found out what varieties farmers are betting on this year and what harvest they expect.

During the day, Gulmakhmad Khidirov plows over 10 hectares of soil. The flatter the bed, the higher the quality of the cotton.

“Each bed should be outlined evenly, and the soil should be without earthen clods. Now we are just fighting them,” said farmer Gulmakhmad Khidirov.

This season, the bet was made on two varieties. “Flora” is characterized by early ripeness. “Khatlon” takes root better in the local climate and gives a rich harvest.

“Before planting, the seeds are soaked and fertilized, so they bloom faster. They will germinate for about 10 days, it can’t be longer, otherwise they will rot,” explained the agronomist, chairman of the farm, Bobosher Khidirov.

Almost 70% of cotton is grown in the south of the republic.

“Climatic conditions are good this year. The heat came early, the earth warmed up enough. In our district, more than four thousand hectares have been allocated for cotton fields, we have already sown more than half,” said Akmal Ibrohimien, First Deputy Chairman of the Khuroson District.

In total, 186,000 hectares will be sown with cotton in Tajikistan. This year, the sown area was not increased.

“Already in early September, dozens of cotton growers will go out to the fields to collect the first cotton harvest. Farmers plan to receive at least 35 centners of raw material from each hectare,” the correspondent said.

In total, they hope to collect at least 430,000 tons of cotton in the republic. After processing, it will go to local textile factories and abroad.

Tajik raw cotton is exported to Russia, Turkey and China.

Source: Mir24