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CoES of Tajikistan Issued a Storm Warning

The Committee for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Tatarstan, citing weather forecasters, reports that on April 10-11, unfavorable weather conditions are expected in the country.

So, in the daytime on April 10 and at night on April 11, thunderstorms and lightning and hail are predicted in a number of districts of republican subordination and the foothills of the Khatlon region, the report says.

Mudflows are predicted on April 8-12 due to ongoing precipitation of varying intensity in a number of districts of Khatlon, Sughd regions, regions of republican subordination and in the west of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region.

On April 10-12, on the rivers Yakhsu, Kyzylsu (southern) and the rivers flowing from the southern slopes of the Gissar Range, the water level will continue to rise. Weather changes will increase the likelihood of mudflows, rockfalls, landslides and snow avalanches, stresses CoES.

The CoES appeals to the population and asks, as far as possible, to refrain from traveling through passes and mountain roads, hiking in the mountains, picking mushrooms, medicinal herbs, firewood, fishing and hunting these days.

The Committee recommends, in order to avoid accidents, not to be near water bodies and not to graze livestock on these days.

The CoES also recommends that citizens living in rural and mountainous areas always keep mobile phones fully charged and with a stable connection, update and replenish their home first aid kit, and purchase additional lighting systems.

In order to prevent the consequences of mudflows, the CoES asks the population to clean all ditches and ditches located near their homes.

In order to prevent accidents on roads, especially when using mountain roads and passes, the CoES urges drivers who have vehicles with tinted windows to limit their movement at night and observe all traffic rules, especially the speed limit.

Source: Asia Plus TJ