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Clouds Power and Ornament – Roving Central Asia

Time Out says

Divided into two parts, the Clouds, Power, and Ornament – Roving Central Asia exhibition uses textiles and crafts as a starting point to explore the unique textile culture of Central Asia and its influence on contemporary art in the region. The first part, Clouds and Power, uses traditional ikat to metaphorically present Central Asia’s complex political and social landscape.

Its bazaar-like exhibition design also paints a group portrait of Central Asian contemporary art.

Meanwhile, the second part, Suture: Reimagining Ornament, focuses on Central Asian traditional ornamentation as a language that both reflects and shapes politics, society, and culture; its highlight on Central Asian female artists also reveals important powers that mainstream narratives have concealed. Through this exhibition, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of Central Asia’s complex cultures and learn the ways of coexistence in diversity.

Source: Time Out