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Authorities of Tajikistan Rename 1,005 Geographical Objects in Murghab District

AKIPRESS.COM – The government of Tajikistan approved the renaming of about 3,500 geographical objects in the country. They have now all acquired Tajik names.

The Murghab district of GBAO has the highest number of renamed locations. 1,005 geographical names were renamed in Tajik in the region, Asia-Plus reported.

According to the annex to the resolution, 165 glaciers in Tajikistan will now have different names. 83 of them are located on the territory of Murghab district, 27 in Lakhsh district and 20 in Vanj district.

The resolution approved the new names of more than 900 rivers in Tajikistan, which were previously called either in Kyrgyz or in Uzbek. The distorted Tajik names of all water bodies of Tajikistan were replaced as well.

More than 80 ranges, 129 mountain systems, 415 individual mountains and 237 mountain passes have changed their name to a national one.

Representatives of the Committee on Language and Terminology of Tajikistan reported in early August that the name of Murghab district was incorrect, and instead they suggested the historical name Margob or Margeb.

The territory of Murghab district was part of the Kara-Kyrgyz Autonomous Okrug from October 14, 1924 to January 2, 1925. 95% of the population of the district are Kyrgyz, the rest are Pamir peoples who do not speak Farsi. The historical name of the district is Kush-Suu.

The Committee on Language and Terminology under the government of Tajikistan also translated the Mozilla FireFox browser into Tajik. According to Chairman of the Committee Olimjon Muhammadjonzoda, the committee’s programming specialists have been working on the development of the Mozilla Firefox settings program for more than 2 years. The name of Mozilla Firefox in Tajik was not specified.

Source: Akipress