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Agrarian-industrial Region: Emomali Rahmon Opened Enterprises in the Sughd Region

Tajikistan is building up its agro-industrial potential. The President of the Republic Emomali Rahmon, as part of a working trip to the Sughd region, opened new enterprises, MIR 24 correspondent Vera Ismailova reports.

The noise of machines and the aroma of fruit. This plant produces fragrant soap and washing powder. The President personally launched production.

“At the moment, we now produce forty-eight types of toilet soap, five types of laundry soap and twelve types of washing powder, which is an import-substituting product, as well as an export product,” said Madinakhon Murvatova, General Director of the enterprise.

Laundry soap, berry, bath soap. New technological lines from India. The enterprise can produce more than 25 thousand tons of fragrant soap per year and 20 tons of high-quality washing powder per day.

 “The plant has high-tech equipment, and we also have technologists who monitor quality standards,” said Senior Manager Zebuniso Gafuri.

Another new business in the area is a poultry farm. Capable of producing 3850 tons of high quality meat annually. Chickens are reared using the cell method.

 “The whole process of caring for and feeding the chicks is done automatically. Also, the computer always monitors the level of light and temperature in the room, which is very important for the good growth of chickens, ”explained the head of the State Unitary Enterprise Tajikptitsprom of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan Mashokir Nazarov.

The agricultural sector is also being developed in the Bobojon-Gafurov district. The head of state got acquainted with the process of construction of new orchards and vineyards, gave start to cotton sowing. Grow raspberries. The harvest is so good that a berry processing plant was built. Up to ten thousand boxes of jam and drinks will be produced here per month.

 “We process up to 300 kilograms of raspberries a day. We also produce juices and jams from rose hips. We get raw materials from the local forestry and from residents of nearby villages. In the future, we plan to export our products to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other countries,” said businessman Shavkat Kayumov.

Agriculture, poultry and fish farming. In the Jabbor-Rasulovsky district, the President opened the second stage of reservoirs for growing trout. 10 aerators were delivered and installed from abroad. Now 100 thousand fry are grown here on one hectare. And according to the plan, the production of one hundred tons of dietary trout meat is expected in the first year. And in the other part of the reservoir as an experiment – breeding sturgeon.

 “We are grateful to the President of the country for the benefits provided to entrepreneurs and the fish farming industry. The successful development of this sector depends on government support and the use of tax incentives by fish farms. Our company will make every effort to provide the domestic market with domestic products and increase the volume of production. We also plan to export our products to foreign countries in the future,” said the director of the enterprise, Murod Masoudi.

And this is a free economic zone. The head of state launched an enterprise for the production of large-sized polypropylene bags with a capacity of 500 kg to three tons. 300 people work here in three shifts.

Packages are intended for coal, cement, grain and other types of agricultural products. The production capacity of the enterprise is up to 13 thousand bags per month, and more than 156 thousand units per year.

 “Weather conditions allow in the Republic of Tajikistan, the fact that the people are very hardworking and the good policy of the state, this gives us the opportunity to produce our products cheaply and export them to the CIS countries,” said Miraziz Usmanov, co-founder of the company.

This is already a good tradition. Not a single trip of the president to one or another district is complete without a meeting with orphans. He gives them instructions, takes an interest in life and study, and gives gifts.

Source: Mir24