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A Press Conference Dedicated to the Russia-Tajikistan Friendship Society Was Held at the Russian Center

On October 18, a press conference was held at the Russian Center of the Tajik National University dedicated to the ceremonial presentation of the Russia-Tajikistan Friendship Society.

The society will be engaged in the development of humanitarian and economic ties between the two states. It will also engage in public diplomacy, Russian Ambassador to Tajikistan and honorary president of the society Semyon Grigoriev told reporters.

“When I arrived as ambassador to Dushanbe a year ago, it was surprising to me that there was no such structure in the Russian Federation. <…> This type of communication, in my opinion, through civil societies, through public diplomacy, is lacking. And this is a very important area of bilateral relations, it allows us to intensify and increase human ties,” Grigoriev said.

The Secretary General of the Russian Association for International Cooperation, under whose auspices the Society for Friendship with Tajikistan was created, Vladimir Polozkov noted that it will also be involved in the popularization of Tajikistan in Russia. “We are working on the issue of opening the House of Tajikistan in the Kaluga region, where there is such an organization as Ethnomir,” he said.

The friendship society was headed by an entrepreneur working in Russia, President of the National Group company Sattar Mia. “We will work, organize seminars, meetings, exhibitions, we will never forget events for children. It is very important to assist in the development of trade and economic relations,” he said.

In Tajikistan, an organization of friendship with Russia has been created and is operating for several years under the Tajik Society of Cultural Relations with Foreign Relations. The Tajikistan – Russia Friendship Society and the Russian Center of TNU have been good neighbors for many years, supporting and helping each other. Such a tandem benefits the common cause, strengthening friendship between the peoples of the two countries.

The company from the Russian Federation intends to maintain contacts with the Tajik structure, and it is also planned to sign a cooperation agreement.

Source: Russkiymir