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A Number of Facilities Have Been Put Into Operation in Khatlon. Emomali Rahmon Took Part in the Opening

On December 15, Emomali Rahmon took part in the commissioning of connecting a number of facilities and visiting new facilities in Khatlon. These include recycling plants, boarding school buildings and more.

Thus, in the rural jamoat of Mekhnatobod, the Kushoniyon district was limited by the president who commissioned a processing enterprise with the responsibility of “Iftikhori Vatan” (“Pride of the Motherland”).

In one season, the enterprise can process 5,000 tons of raw materials.

In the rural jamoat named after Rudaki, Vakhsh district, a boarding school building for orphans and street children was opened. The facility has a capacity of 480 places in two shifts.

The boarding school consists of 6 separate buildings, a two-story main building, a dormitory, a canteen, a hotel, a medical center and a room for guards. The main building has 8 subject rooms – biology, geography, computer science, Tajik language and literature, a psychologist’s office, and a modern library. All boarding school buildings are connected to an independent heating system.

Currently, 285 orphans and street children are being educated and living in the institution.

In the same Vakhsh region, an agrological center of Vostok-1 LLC opened. It consists of a refrigeration chamber, a workshop for fruit processing, packaging and carbos production. The refrigerator compartment is designed to store 300 tons of agricultural products.

In the future, the center’s management plans to build 2 other production enterprises and create…

The Central Hospital of the Vakhsh region was also put into operation after repairs and reconstruction. It is considered the largest health care institution in the region and on the territory of the Khatlon region.

The institution has modern medical equipment purchased in Germany, Japan, USA, Spain, Italy and China for more than 15 million somoni.

The hospital is equipped with the necessary surgical equipment, oxygen generators, digital X-ray, ultrasound machine and electrocardiograph.

Residents of the districts of Kushoniyon, Jaloliddin Balkhi and the city of Bokhtar can use the hospital’s services.

In the industrial zone of the Yavan region, an enterprise for the production of building materials, Mohir Invest LLC, was put into operation. The production of building materials is mainly established here, including plasterboard with metal profiles and fasteners, gypsum ceilings (Armstrong) and construction powders (putty and plaster).

The total area of the enterprise is 5.2 hectares. There is a laboratory nearby where the quality of all types of products is checked.

In the future, two new industrial enterprises will be built in the district, including an enterprise for the production of gypsum blocks at Faizi Gadzh LLC and an enterprise for processing limestone and producing paper at Mohir Invest LLC.

At the Rajabali dekhkan farm, Emomali Rahmon got acquainted with the culture of land use and an exhibition of agricultural products of dekhkans in the Yavan region.

The Rajabali dekhkan farm was created on an area of 9 hectares of land, it employs 5 shareholders who annually grow and produce various agricultural crops. In addition, Emomali Rahmon visited an exhibition of purebred domestic animals from dekhkan farms in the Khatlon region.

A weaving enterprise, Nasimi Vakhsh LLC, was also opened in Vash district. The company, whose activities are aimed at textiles and sewing, is equipped with modern textile and sewing equipment and technologies. It mainly produces socks, uniforms and other types of custom clothing.

In the textile workshop of the enterprise, 250 socks production machines, 15 automated machines and 7 marking machines were imported and installed.

The production capacity of the workshop will be increased with the expansion of the enterprise’s activities and will have the ability to produce 15 million pairs of good quality socks per year. Raw materials, including yarn for making socks, are partly sourced from outside the country. The socks, along with supplying the domestic market, will also be exported outside the country.

After the opening of the textile and clothing enterprise “Nasimi Vakhsh”, Emomali Rahmon got acquainted with the project for the construction of a spinning enterprise. It will be built on an area of 1 hectare, 4000 tons of cotton will be processed here per year, and finished products will be produced from it.

Source: Asia Plus TJ